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Social network organization Krista
Social network organization

Encouraging meaningful conversations between stakeholders and building strong community networks within a globally connected environment is an ongoing challenge for municipal governments. The Alberta Municipal Affairs Public Input Toolkit recognizes that "relationships among people are a critical element of municipal business," but developing these relationships in today's fast-paced, uber-connected world is becoming increasingly complex. Understanding how social networks organize allows us to interpret and describe the relationships that form the basic building blocks of an engaged, connected community.

This video examines the conventional, hierarchal approach to social organization as described by Charles Kadushin in his book Understanding Social Networks: Theories, Concepts and Findings, and the peer production approach that has emerged with the advent of the Internet, through the research Yochai Benkler and the works of Clay Shirky. The tension between these approaches and the challenges faced in today's shifting political landscape will be explored.


Please follow this link to enjoy the full video: 

Conventional Hierarchies vs. Peer Production: Two Approaches to Social Network Organization

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