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Superhero or team - what's your social media approach? Krista
Superhero or team - what's your social media approach?
How does your organization manage social media - do you have a social media savvy superhero or is your team collaborating to make the most of your online activity? If you answered "superhero," maybe its time to consider expanding to the team approach. After all, social media is a network building tool, and with more individuals working together, sharing best practises and reaching out, the more your network will grow. One way to tap into the social ecosystem of the organization is through HootSuite, a software as a service (SaaS) tool that allows users to engage and collaborate in a globally connected world.

HooteSuite offers a social media dashboard that allows users to manage multiple social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Mobile apps integrate with iOS, Android and Blackberry. Anyone can sign up and use HootSuite free of charge, with the option to upgrade to HootSuite Pro or HootSuite Enterprise for in depth analytics and other advanced options. HootSuite offers free, online resources such as white papers, information sheets, webinars and tips as well as webinars for a moderate monthly fee.

According to Ben Watson (2013), vice president of marketing, HootSuite is a "sophisticated tool for desktop management and reporting [that has] the ability to consolidate all activity down to a single platform and link cross-organizational teams across multiple social networks." The tool allows individuals to see what others are doing and what is driving change, both within the organization and externally. 

Transparent internal communication can allow teams to share ideas and expand their connections. Network theorist  Charles Kadushin argues that "networks are held together as much by weak ties as they are by strong connections" and discusses the importance of bridging or "linking persons or positions not otherwise connected" (p. 94). To find out more, watch this video: HootSuite's Conversation: The Internal Conversations Tool 


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